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      buckwheat tea processing plant.jpg


      Bitter buckwheat tea processing plant or Tartary Buckwheat Processing Machinery introduction:
      Bitter buckwheat is fried under strict control to produce healthy tea after being hulled and puffed. The granular tea is slightly puffed with crispy taste and wheat flavor. It is a nutritious product rich of protein, chlorophyll, crude fiber, minerals, microelements as well as 18 natural amino acids.

      Bitter buckwheat tea processing plant technological process: selection of raw material- cleaning- soaking –steaming –drying –hulling – packaging – finished products

      Bitter buckwheat tea processing plant

      Bitter buckwheat tea processing plant

      Bitter buckwheat tea processing plant

       Bitter buckwheat tea processing plant

      Bitter buckwheat tea picture:

       buckwheat tea picture.jpg


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